About us

About us

Sundus is a leading Recruitment and Outsourcing company in UAE,with a market presence since 1998. Sundus is a 100% Emirati Owned and managed company and is supported by a highly diversified international team with extensive experience in Human Resource Management. Sundus is a fully compliant business holding ‘On Demand Labour Supply (ODLS)’ licenses inthe Emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, which gives it a pan UAE outreach. Additionally Sundus also hold a license to provide Executive Search and Manpower Supply services. Sundus is an ISO 9001 certified company that proves its strong commitment to Quality.

Sundus is an Arabic word that denotes fine silk brocade. It epitomises purity and transparency which is in harmony with our core values, outlined in our vision.

Sundus provides its services to various vertical sectors including Aerospace and Aviation, Alternate Energy, Banking, Call Center, Construction, Telecommunication, Education, Healthcare, Engineering, Hospitality, IT, Oil & Gas, Transport, Ports and Retail.

Customer and Employee satisfaction is of utmost importance to Sundusand it continues to invest in innovative HR solutions. It possesses the capabilities, expertise and the facilities required to meet all the outsourcing needs of its clients and this has placed Sundus Recruitment and Outsourcing at the forefront of the UAE’s HR services industry, a place where it intends to stay.


“To be the leading integrated HR Services provider in the UAE and the region, by building long term strategic HR partnership with organizations that values trust, integrity, professionalism and innovation”.

Corporate Objectives

  1. To be a market leader in thought and practice with the services that we offer, that includes Emiratization, Executive Search, Employee Outsourcing, Overseas Recruitment, Onboarding Services and HR Consultancy services.
  2. Embrace and execute government vision towards Emiratization programme and local talent development.
  3. To develop the skills and values of our employees through ongoing training and development and implement best industry practices, that will ensure sustained competitive edge.
  4. To acquire and retain customers and employees for outsourcing, through our professional services and care, that ensures long term partnerships.
  5. To maintain cost leadership in all areas of business through embracing best practices, technology and process improvements.
  6. To maintain sustainable organic growth year on year, and deliver outstanding value to all the stake holders.
  7. To reduce the impact on environment and the ecosystem through reduce, reuse and refuse materials that impacts the environment that we operate in.
  8. To give back to the society through participation in various activities and initiatives that supports our desire towards the Corporate Social Responsibility.
  9. To develop and maintain mutually rewarding partnerships with international recruitment and outsourcing partners, that share our vision and values.
  10. To introduce innovative products and services to support the diversification strategy of UAE and support the strategic visions of 2030 and thereon.

Value proposition

  • Professional service: Sundus employs professionals with extensive experience within Human Resource Management who can understand the client requirements and provide a service that fulfils their need.

  • Long term partnership: Sundus is a 100% Emirati owned and managed company with 50 years cumulative leadership experience and hence looks at business opportunities on a long-term basis, based on mutually beneficial terms.

  • Ethics: Sundus maintains a high level of ethics based on respect, integrity and transparency in its business process at all levels and with all the stakeholders including customers, employees and the statutory authorities.

  • Compliance: Sundus ensures that all statutory laws and regulations related to Ministry of Labor, Immigration, Insurance are strictly followed to protect the interests of all the stakeholders.

  • Customized Solutions: Each project or assignment is reviewed independently and a customized solution is developed including forging strategic partnerships with international specialists if required, to ensure that it meets and exceeds the customer expectations.

  • Quality Process: Sundus has a qualitative business process. It is the focus on quality that will make its services more efficient and reliable. It has a meticulously documented system that ensures all assignments are handled keeping in focus with our ISO processes.